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First automatic the Bambino 38mm 馃槑

Wanted to treat my self last year with an Orient dress watch but as is life something always came up. Which is why now im a very happy and proud owner...
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Dragan commented on Quartz Gmt for traveling?
Dragan commented on Watch Roll

Looks great.

Dragan commented on Humpday. Have faith with the Duro.

Cant go wrong with a Duro 馃槑

Dragan commented on What are your choices for under 5k?

Junghans, i love the minimalist design.

Dragan commented on Eco drive

Over a year with my eco drive and i have no complaints 馃榾

Dragan commented on Do I have a problem...? 馃ぃ

You used your lemons to make lemonade 馃榾

Dragan commented on C.R.E.A.M.

True, i dont need it but i do WANT it.


First post

Hello all. New member and new to the watch world, wanted to show my small and modest collection that will grow over time as i get deeper and deeper in...
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