Vintage Vivification

So things are little bit back to normal, the kids are back to school, my Mrs is back to work... still looking for more brands to build.

So when I have a little time these days, I spend those minutes (hours really) on watches. Kind of spending my time a bit more disciplined with my collection, saving for my next beaut. I'm seeing lots and lots of beauts but my heart is stuck on vintage pieces.

Watching Red Dead Restorations today and something from a brand that really fascinates me, Glashutte! Such an amazing brand! Glashutte Chronometer was the piece, I'd never laid eye on it before, so many vintage pieces come from brands like Omega, Rolex/Tudor, Breitling to name a few that gives me chills.

But... never like this!


Absolutely lovely piece art!

Great watch on paper and I'm smitten.

What's you're dream vintage piece? Anybody can recommend something for my big wrist? (8 cm)

A box and paper Rolex Datejust 6605!


A box and paper Rolex Datejust 6605!

What a watch!


Now, I wonder how much I could get for an overused kidney 馃

Omega 2254 will be my next big vintage purchase.