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BrunoRz ·

Best military field watch Brands!

In your opinion what is the best watch brand, that was issued to the military, and can be bought for around 1k?
2 152
BrunoRz ·

It has arrived...yesterday! NWD - Smiths Everest Expedition

This watch has really really surprised me. Both in terms of looks but in overall quality and finishing. That cream dial! And that po...
9 65
BrunoRz ·

What is your opinion on Ball Watches.

What do you think of the brand. In terms of finishing, quality, technology and heritage.
32 317

Recent Comments

BrunoRz commented on Vintage Seiko SNXJ ·

Amazing art work there. Really love the combination of dial and case. Those gold accents really pop. The dial is really good. Amazing Work!

BrunoRz commented on Best military field watch Brands! ·

Does anyone have another brand in mind?

BrunoRz commented on It has arrived...yesterday! NWD - Smiths Everest Expedition ·

You have the ones I wanted to add to my collection. That iwc mark xi homage is amazing! That air ministry's hands... and well, everest... You can't go wrong with any of those!

BrunoRz commented on The Case for Minimalism ·

In my opinion, nomos and junghans are better in the minimalist department. Lange, with their saxonia thin...Damn, I had that in my hands, so simple, yet so beautiful!

BrunoRz commented on What is your opinion on Ball Watches. ·

I have the same opinion regarding the managment and marketing. I Really believe that Ball should invest more in getting a bigger network and Brand perception. thank you for your input!

BrunoRz commented on What is your opinion on Ball Watches. ·

They guy who wrote that text should've gone to this site:

BALL Watch Online Boutique

Yes, I looked that the Ball website it is not always updated compared to the online shop. I bought 2 via their online shop and 1 via iguana sell that are ADs. Gnomon is also an AD for Ball. As I said, I have 3 Ball watches, they haven't failed me... yet.

BrunoRz commented on Can't choose between these two.. ·

For the different looks - Would go for the Farer. Really like their out of the box designs and color combinations.

For a more understated and more conservative look - Would go for the hamilton. It has more pedigree, more conservative look that won't be outdated in a few years.

It all depends in your preferences and you wardrobe and activities you would do with the watch. 

For my kind of work and daily wearing would go for the hamilton, however really like the color combo of the Farer.

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BrunoRz ·

Pulled the Trigger on the Smiths Everest Expedition

I've been looking to this watch for ages. Never tried to buy, but I've seen that the store opened today. It opened at 14:00 UK. I've places my order a...
6 359
BrunoRz ·

My Ball Engineer III Legend II

Hello, Today I will review my Ball Engineer III Legend II. I really like Ball, and I own 2 more Ball watches (Marvelight and Trainmaster) I think that...
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BrunoRz ·

Review - Raymond Weil Parsifal

I got this watch and I love it. Also I love the fact that it is from an independent manufacturer. This watch contains a lot of 90s vibes with its intr...
1 345
BrunoRz ·

Raymond Weil Parsifal gold and steel

I got this watch and I love it. And I love the fact that it is from any independent manufacturer. The case is made of steel and has a gold plated beze...
2 259