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My Venezianico Redentore Aventurina

I really like Venezianico. I got this watch because I really like the redentore watch case design. And the aventurine dial with the minimalist approac...

My new Venezianico Nereide Bronzo

Well, as most of you know, I really like Venezianico. And there is not one without a two. My wife got me this amazing Nereide Bronzo. I really love it...

I was one of the Lucky Ones!

I am a proud Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus owner and I like the brand a Lot! So when I heard about a RE watch that is my best hobbies combined! Mo...

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commented on BrunoRz's WRUW

Cool man!

I would like to get the DsPh500m and the DSPh1000m !

commented on Which One is your Pick... N Why? 馃槉

LA脟O Pro.

commented on BrunoRz's WRUW

Thank you mate!

commented on New GMT-Master II

My thoughts exactly.

And homage to Venezianico GMT with ceratung bezel!

commented on BrunoRz's WRUW

Thank you mate!

commented on BrunoRz's WRUW

It was co designed between Eddie Plats from Time Factora and Giovanni Moro, UNIMATIC brand creator.

So, the industrial and simplistic design was already in is veins!

commented on alpertcandoit's WRUW

Amazing piece, Macerick!

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NWD - New Watch Day

I have been enamored by this watch since I first saw the first version (quartz three hands only). I really liked the design of the case and how indust...

Fortis-42 alternative

Hello, I wanted a Fortis B-42 chronograph, however, but they recently discontinued it, evolving to their new more avant garde line. There is nothing l...

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In your opinion what is the best watch brand, that was issued to the military, and can be bought for around 1k?
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It has arrived...yesterday! NWD - Smiths Everest Expedition

This watch has really really surprised me. Both in terms of looks but in overall quality and finishing.聽 That cream dial! And that p...

What is your opinion on Ball Watches.

What do you think of the brand. In terms of finishing, quality, technology and heritage.
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