1WC Rules Addendum

I said that I would drop new rules on Friday and then dropped one on Thursday. 聽Well, this is the Friday one.

It is really just to add to the list of WRUW photo themes from last week. On Monday (7/25) your WRUW photo must include the watch that you would be wearing but for the 1WC. For the rest of the week:

Tuesday: a statue;

Wednesday: a hood ornament;

Thursday: a lawn tool or implement;

Friday: a film noir theme (black and white, long shadows, that sort of thing);

Saturday: a desert theme;

Sunday: a dessert theme.

Enjoy. 聽Don't mess it up.

Buster Keaton Stunts: GIFs, Videos, And Stories Of His Craziest Feats |  History Daily

Let them sweat馃サ馃槹馃サand good luck to you all!

Could you post a photo collage of the watches left in the running? I wish I'd taken part. I'd have lost for sure. But still.


The Final Seven

Oh your sneaky, using the fact your living in my past, now your known as聽

"The watch Ninja 馃シ馃徎"

Bring it on 馃憡馃徎


Good luck 馃珷


Final 6 no?聽

For the non-US members what is a hood ornament? Do you want me to go full Beastie Boys and deface a Mercedes?

Just walk out to your automobile and snap a shot.

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament Photograph by Rosanne Jordan | Pixels

Oof. 聽Somebody's going to mess up Saturday and Sunday.