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GS Diver: Got a new lens today, took a shot of my current favorite watch in entire collection

Basically title. Some new glass game in today so snapped a few pics of my Grand Seiko Diver. Thought it looked particularly striking against my white...

Decided to grab my "real" camera today and shoot some of my beefier watches

It's been a minute since I've used my Sony full frame camera, so I decided to snap a few pics of my latest rotation involving some of my diver style w...

Anyone think the Omega Speed Master triple date is slept on?

I just think it's such a great model. It's really impressive how they're able to fit an automatic chronograph, full calendar day/date/month and 24hr r...

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commented on AirJordi7's WRUW

Thanks doc! I still think it's heavily underrated

commented on 2014 Seiko Presage SARD009 馃槂

Love mine, criminally underrated watch and has to be seen in person to appreciate that enamel style dial

commented on SOTC 2024

Beautiful collection. I would say to complete this out and fully round out: something German from the Glasshutte region.

commented on GS Diver: Got a new lens today, took a shot of my current favorite watch in entire collection

Thanks man! This is the SBGA229 in 44mm, although I can say it is very similar to the 461 you mentioned. And yes I agree the straps seem to help tone down the case size, but even without a strap this 44 wears more like a 42 on the wrist in my opinion.

commented on Is it worth to buy Junghans max bill chronoscope?

So I was in the same boat, and actually bought a Max Bill "Non" Chronoscope. It was a fantastic watch. But then all of a sudden one day i picked it up and it just doesn't tick. No movement of the second hand after winding, shaking etc.

Was a bit disappointed. Haven't had the time to get it looked at, but I'll be honest, it's the first ever mechanical watch that failed on me without warning or no real discernable reason.

commented on GS Diver: Got a new lens today, took a shot of my current favorite watch in entire collection

Then that is all that matters!! I am sure you're probably being a bit humble as well w/ your statement 馃檪

commented on AirJordi7's WRUW

Thanks friend...I sometimes do too, but I won't lie, if an Explorer II was in front of me I can't say I'd be tempted!

That said, this Tudor can never go anywhere. It's the watch on my wrist when my first son was born :)

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Sunday chores with the GS diver

Still honeymooning with this amazing and in my opinion overlooked grand seiko!

First Grand Seiko! A bit uconventional model, but big thanks to this community!

So a week or so ago I posted a rather ignorant topic here on watch crunch: "I don't get the Grand Seiko hype". They looked plain, simple, etc. I also...

ICY! Damasko DA34 with ice hardened steel for case and bracelet

Anyone else rocking Damaskos and their ice hardened submarine steel? I think this execution just screams German tool watch to the max. I know Sinn get...

Serious question / thoughts about Grand Seiko

So I'm trying to eye my next watch, and I am flirting with the idea of a Grand Seiko because I think the spring drive technology is fascinating and an...

Latest "3 watch only rotation" for month of February

Trying to limit only to 3 watches this month, just so I can appreciate the watches and their consistent time keeping abilities. What are you guys rock...
4 santos medium or tag heuer monaco?

Lately I've come to the realization I have no square or rectangle watches, and feel one to my collection would really round out my options (pun intend...