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Total Eclipse of the Haute

Went back to Terre Haute, IN to see my girlfriend and watch the eclipse.

Freshly Minted Private Pilot! (And the watch I wore)

I just completed my checkride a few hours ago and am officially a private pilot! It took 47.5 hours of total flight time (5.2 of PIC time) and I loved...

馃毃NWA馃毃 Casio A700W

Greatest $27 in watches! Here鈥檚 what I love: -Fun pops of color on the dial -Black/Gray dial surround that contrasts with the chrome -Flat-link bracel...

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commented on Rolex Explorer vs Rolex Oyster Perpetual

I鈥檓 an OP guy personally.

commented on Which Watch?

Vintage 馃槇

commented on aslee83's WRUW

Sorry Oscar Meyer, I鈥檓 loyal to Vienna Beef!

commented on JaeBust's WRUW

Alarm is the most useful complication, honestly.

commented on Rolex AirKing 114200

One of my favorite Rolexes!

commented on Daddy and daughter time

I鈥檇 wear one if I had the means!

commented on Daddy and daughter time

Huge flex

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NWA (But Not For Me)

I鈥檝e slowly been getting my girlfriend of about 4 years to wear and enjoy watches. She tends to wear either a Seiko essentials that we bought as a mat...

Cross Country from KDPA -> KIKK with the GS

Got a nice view of the city and got to see this cool wall of clouds on the Lake Michigan shoreline!

My 鈥淔light Watch鈥 in Action!

Did a little simulated instrument flying today in N8398L (Cessna 172). Had to wear the Grand Seiko 9F, of course!

First Solo featuring my Grand Seiko SBGX063

I started flight training on October 30th of this year and I鈥檓 excited to say that I just completed my first solo flight! I wear my Grand Seiko exclus...

Nerding out about watches at the bank?

So a little context. I was at my local bank today to get something out of my safety deposit box. The main vault door is left ajar, but there is anothe...

Fitted Strap for KFA38

I think we all love the look of a fitted rubber strap, but there's not too many out there obviously. I was browsing for straps for my KFA38 and I noti...