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Oris / Longines / Sinn

Scale of 1-10...how quality are these brands? Asking about overall build quality, not necessarily "value for dollar". Thanks!
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A_Lange_Sinn commented on Thoughts on the new Superocean? ·

First glance, I loved it…2-3 hours later, I officially decided that I was NOT a fan. 

2 days later…I officially love it. Maybe slap in a movement with 70hr power reserve, tho? 

A_Lange_Sinn commented on Perfect Field Watch in my Opinion ·

It might just be the perfect watch in general...

A_Lange_Sinn commented on Grey Casioak ·

Gotta Catch 'Em All!!!

A_Lange_Sinn commented on Have we finally hit the Tiffany Blue limit? ·

At this point it’s just like blue, green, black, white, silver, opaline, etc. 

another Brick in the wall. 

A_Lange_Sinn commented on Seiko alpinist Prospex vs Hamilton khaki ·

Alpinist, brotha. Power reserve is comparable…70 vs 80…its Just a more visually stimulating piece. And it has a compass. 

if I had a dollar for every time that thing has guided me to my destination…I’d have zero dollars.  Still cool. 

Truly do appreciate the Khaki field. It’s legendary. A smidge boring, legendary nonetheless. Go for seiko. 

A_Lange_Sinn commented on How many watches do you wear in ONE day ? ·

You down 033? yeah you know me! 

A_Lange_Sinn commented on How many watches do you wear in ONE day ? ·

I don’t know how, but I end up perpetually wearing my CasiOak. I even sleep in it…am I normal? 

A_Lange_Sinn ·

Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday

Greetings All, I am on a mission to build a perfect collection…a 6 watch collection. This collection will be comprised of primarily sports watches (No...
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