Who sleeps with their watch on?

If you do, what are you wearing? I'm usually wearing my Lorier, or 36mm modded Seiko. Comfy nato leather strap and a case that disappears on the wrist.聽


I always wear a watch to bed, normally just whatever I had been wearing all day. If I switch to anything it's usually my Navigator because of the weight and tritium lume.聽

Sleep with what I had on if it has lume.聽

No. Too afraid I鈥檒l whack my wife during the night.

My watch watch goes in the box.聽

The fitness tracker stays on the wrist.聽

I usually wear my Citizen Avion Promaster, because its lume is good for all night

I don鈥檛, but kind of like the idea of a watch only for sleeping. Instead of a smartwatch 鈥 I鈥檇 go for a inexpensive plastic watch. Maybe a Casio under $30 with a nice backlight.聽

Watches go on their own pillow. In a box.聽

Sleeping with a watch on is completely normal and natural. Unless you put on a spec it watch to sleep in, thats an abomination in the sight of The Lord.聽

I do everything with my watch. 聽 Everything :)

I received a Bulova for Christmas. My wife picked it out. It has a silicone strap that is so comfortable, I forget the watch is on my wrist. The other night I fell asleep wearing it. Thankfully, I didn't mess it up. I don't sleep with my watches on.

I go to sleep wearing the watch I wore during the day.