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commented on Omega Dynamic III Chronograph 5240.50.00 ·

I had this watch and it was one of my favourites! Unfortunately I sent it for repair to some watchmaker and he put an incorrect return address and lost the whole thing. :(

commented on "...but I don't want to get it scratched!" (Advice needed) ·
  1. No

  2. NA

  3. No

If scratching bothers you then buy something with hardened steel, or just don’t wear it or buy it. Watches are supposed to bring joy not stress IMO.

commented on Watch company advertising Straplines ·

Love the VC tagline. Much better than the cliche PP one. “One of not many” implies it’s not unique but it’s also rare :). VC has a great motto too “Do better if possible, and that is always possible.”

The PP one is such BS and it’s just people trying to justify an expensive watch purchase IMO.

commented on Has Grand Seiko lost the plot? ·

Been like this for many years lol. I find it very annoying personally since it’s basically unlimited limited editions, and whenever you buy a LE thinking it’s special you’ll find out in a few months it’s not.

commented on My Sub supposedly took a year to make, and that would in part justify the price ·

Where did Rolex say it takes a year to make one Sub?

commented on Are original watches actually just homages/copies? ·
commented on Nico shite at ranking watch brands... ·

Most rankings are largely subjective (unless quantifiable eg which brands have the most sales…), so really one man’s shit is another man’s grail lol.