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Best/favorite quartz 'beater' watch (besides G shock)

What's your favorite quartz 'beater' recommendation? I know, the G shock is the GOAT/God tier (I quite like this casioak), but I'm looking for some mo...

Dive watches - what's the draw?

Let me just say that this is truly an honest question. I'm not trying to be provocative, but what's the draw for dive watches? They are clearly extrem...

Complete my collection!

Hi Crunchers! First post here! A brief backstory: I got really into watches in 2014 picking my first mechanical watch as a graduation gift from medica...

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tubzorz commented on Are you over 30 and still rocking Gshocks?

Couldn't watch past the first few seconds because of the condescending tone. I'm firmly in the 'wear what you want' camp. If it inspires you and feels like you on the day, then wear it!

I think any self respecting person over 30 should have the self confidence to wear whatever they feel like while acknowledging that some things you wear could date you or cause people to view you in a certain way. But at that age, hopefully you're not having to impress people in that kind of superficial way too often.

Of course in certain situations like attending a wedding or going to an important business meeting, you need to know how to dress appropriately. In those situations, no G-Shock (no sandals or t-shirts either, probably). Any other time? Wear whatever you want!

tubzorz commented on My humble collection

If you're looking to add a bit of variety, maybe an IWC or Nomos would add some spice to your options. Both brands have very specific design language that I don't see in your collection so far. Great selection!!

tubzorz commented on $1500 - One watch, two watches, or more?

Buy a beater you love and spend the rest on something nice. Unless there's something right at the 1500 price point you can't take your eyes off, then just go for the one true love.

tubzorz commented on IWC pricing

Mark XX and BP43 are so different when you see them in person. I was just shopping for IWCs a while ago. From memory pricing was BP43 > Chrono > Mark series. As people have mentioned, the Mark uses a shared movement whereas the BP 43 has its own in house calibre with a pretty nice power reserve.

I know lots of people love the Mark series, but IMHO it's a bit plain and you can get similar fit and finish with another brand if you like that look (longines, Oris, and many others), maybe with a bit less heritage. Same thing with their Chronos.

The BP43 and original BP really stand out from all other brands, though. I was close to getting one but I just couldn't justify buying one because I could never see myself regularly wearing that much dough on my wrist!! Now looking at Sinn because I realized I'm really looking for a hard wearing daily driver in the pilot/tool watch style

tubzorz commented on Best/favorite quartz 'beater' watch (besides G shock)

Wow! Didn't know they even had quartz options. It's got an extra 0 in the price for me though 馃槄

tubzorz commented on What is your next watch?

Heading to Tokyo and looking for a used Sinn 856 or 358. Hoping to lay hands on both before I make a decision.

tubzorz commented on Best/favorite quartz 'beater' watch (besides G shock)

Beautiful watch! Not sure it hits the price point or quartz requirements though...