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Anyone recognise this Seiko?

Hi guys Was happily scrolling on Pinterest amd cqme across this Seiko. Never seen it before and quite like the look of it. I'm fairy certain it's a mo...

Getting hitched.

I'm getting married this year and if that isn't enough, my wife wants to gift me a watch. How lucky am I?! Anyway, I need your help Crunchers As this...

Buying for yourself or for others.

Seiko recently released the new Marinemaster in blue (SJE099), black (SJE101) and a limited silvery-white dial edition (SJE097) A lot has been said ab...

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commented on giovanni86's WRUW

Hope the coffee was as good as the watch looks 馃憣馃徎

commented on TriangleAtTwelve's WRUW

Gorgeous! 馃敟

As much as people talk about the new Tudor black bay 41 in black being Tudor's answer to the modern sub.

This can't be beaten. 馃嵒

commented on JaeBust's WRUW

Awesome 馃敟

commented on grand.psycho's WRUW

Great watch and stunning scenery 馃憣馃徎

commented on New addition!

Oooh that's gorgeous. 馃嵒 enjoy

commented on Anyone else ordered the Yema Superman Bronze CMM.10?

Same here. Fan of the brand. Never had any problems with mine. Sold it since, but enjoyed wearing it quite a bit.

commented on Wearing this beast today 馃憤

Very cool!

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The classic skx

No longer in my possession, but still a great watch. skx013, the smaller variant of the skx007. Using my wc account to keep track of the watches I've...