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Watch ID?

I've added a few more photos of it. I don't want to post the source of the videos as I don't want anyone to think I am promoting some YouTube channel....

New Traska Quick Adjust Clasp

I finally saw these in the Traska site, purchased one a few days ago and immediately they were sold out, had to have been less than 30 minutes later....

Should this have a Black ceramic bracelet?

52 votes ·

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commented on Loving my Tudor ·

Tudor is amazing. Nuff said

commented on I get it now - Rolex Daytona ·

I used to see these all the time in London, now it seems like nobody has one anymore.

commented on This watch in ONE word ? ·


commented on Saturday at the range with my Longines. ·

One of these pictures is different, I can't but my finger on it because that would be disrespectful, butt it's different. I feel different about it than the rest.

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Traska Vs. Weiss ·

Traska is going to win here because everyone knows it. But Weiss is on another level. Bad poll.

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Traska Vs. Weiss ·

Listen, I own a Traska that is my most worn watch and I'm putting another on reserve tomorrow. But there is no way that Traska wins this vote unless people are not informed or have no idea about either.

Weiss is by far an insanely better watch and the craftsmanship is way different, everything about these two companies and their watches is apples and coconuts.

Weiss wins any day. But Traska is a beast and for the money one of the best watches under $1k

commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Traska Vs. Weiss ·

Stop the poll. This is not a good poll. These are very different watches in a different category for me.

I don't but a Weiss for the reason I buy a Traska. I think this is unfair. I have to pick Weiss, but Traska is absolutely killing it in their lane and the customers outside of people like us are very different IMHO.

HOWEVER if I had to invest in one of these companies. It would be Traska

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Best Strap Combo?

From left to right, all vintage Seikos from the early 1970s: 1. Seiko Lord Marvel 2. Seiko Lord Matic 3. King Seiko 4. Grand Seiko If you had to choose one to spend the day with?
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Sorry, but I sniped this one 🎯

Was just taking with people here about these Traskas not being available until June. One came up today on eBay. Had to snipe it. 😉 What do y'all thin...

Best Travleler GMT Under $1k

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Man Buys Rare $5k watch for $40

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