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You won’t believe how old this watch is

Hey everybody 👋 Yesterday I visited a watch fair in Zürich, Switzerland but since I’ve bought my Sinn 103 just a few days ago, I wasn’t really prepar...

A vintage panda from a very sympathetic brand

What you see here is a 1994 Sinn 103 reverse panda reference 103.0666 from the Helmut Sinn era. I bought it completely serviced with a two-year warran...

Which is your favorite watch conglomerate?

Which conglomerate offers the best overall selection of brands and watches in your opinion?
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Guess what I voted

commented on Trade in Tudor Black Bay Pro and Cartier Tank Must Large for new Rolex Explorer 36 ·


commented on thedailynwa's WRUW ·

Oh you’re right. It was the 11.11 sale 🤦‍♂ Nonetheless.. it’s such a great watch that seriously makes me consider why my other Swiss watches are so damn expensive.

commented on thedailynwa's WRUW ·

Thanks! Bought it on Black Friday for an absurdly low amount of money. It was meant to be my beater watch but it’s actually so nice and qualitative that I don’t want it to get beaten up 😂

commented on You Don't Have To Hate Nato Straps Anymore 🤝 ·

The UK is a country of Europe (the continent) but not of the European Union, which has no tax borders. Everything sold and shipped from one EU member country to another is already taxed. But shipping from a Non-EU member like the UK to EU-members gets the respective countrie‘s tax rate added on top upon import. For Germany it’s another 19% on top plus a few bucks for the customs plus whatever DHL charges for their importing service.

commented on You Don't Have To Hate Nato Straps Anymore 🤝 ·

Since Brexit, UK is not part of the EU anymore. Probably the worst possible country for EU shipping I believe 😅

This means import taxes for every EU country you ship to (e.g. Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, etc.)

commented on You Don't Have To Hate Nato Straps Anymore 🤝 ·

Shipping is as expensive as the entire strap to Germany 😵

Too bad, I really love it. I hope this will change in the future with an EU distributor.

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Are Cartiers primarily rather… to you?

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Hey everybody. When the Tudor Ranger was announced to the press and various YouTubers made videos about it, I was quickly interested in the watch. You...

Tudor Ranger

4.4 Avg. Score

How the hell do they achieve this?

First of all: I’m not a Rolex fanboy. I wouldn’t even necessarily call me a „fan“. I own the Explorer 1 214270 (39mm), because I think it’s the nicest...