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Cleaning Time

Tonight, as I wound and cleaned my mechanical watches, I took notice of my old field G-Shock Mudman sitting next to my watch box. Absolutely filthy, a...

Citizen Promaster NY0120-01E

Decided to add a dive watch to the collection and I think I nailed it with the Promaster. I love the way this looks on my wrist. It has a beautiful, s...

Who else puts on a watch right after waking up?

Or do you wait until you get dressed to go outside for the day?

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commented on michaelrs's WRUW ·

About 5 minutes but it’s nice while it lasts. Then again I haven’t had it in the sun long yet.

commented on Which Band Should I Go With? ·

The brown alligator would look good too.

commented on stefan.bambarac's WRUW ·

I like that strap for the thick diver. Going to look into that.

commented on Question from a newbie ·

I personally enjoy setting my watches before I wear them (if it's stopped that is).

commented on An Introduction - from myself and my microbrand ·

Love to see a new Australian microbrand. Looking forward to seeing the brand grow.

commented on Citizen Promaster NY0120-01E ·

I can’t put my finger on it either. Reminds me of a racing tyre.

commented on Top 5 Seiko Watches of 2023 ·

My first mechanical watch is first on the list, just starting to come back to my SSK001.

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Green and Gold

The latest addition to my collection, the Cocktail Time ‘Mojito’. I love this colour combo and the dial is exquisite. The gold digits are perfect, and...

New Straps

My eagerly awaited straps from Jweskies Strap Co arrived the other day. I don’t often see Marine Nationale straps on here, what are everyone’s thought...

Aftermarket Straps and Bracelets

Where does everybody get their aftermarket straps and bracelets from? There’s so many out there but it’s hard to know what’s quality and what simply i...

The State of my Collection

Good afternoon members of WatchCrunch. I thought I'd post a few pictures of my collection as it stands today, and share a little about some of my watc...


Pretty glad I found this site. I've owned a couple of watches for a long time, and recently got really into the horology scene. It's an expensive hobb...