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Microbrand Field Watches under $1,000

Crunchers, I'm craving a field watch that's a bit unique from the Hamilton Khaki line. 🥾⛰️ Thought it would be fun to get a pulse check from the community on which brands are resonating with others o...
77 votes ·

Behold the Samurai! 🗡🤿

Found this one on a phenomenal clearance sale that was too good to refuse! Pleasantly surprised with how refined/elegant it looks in person, while ret...

'Casioak' G-Shock GA2100-7A Review

When you look at the hottest watches in the entry-level sphere over the past few years, many have followed similar trends: vintage-inspired, sporty bu...

Casio GA2100-7A

3.8 Avg. Score

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commented on My random find of the week... The "Orange Knight" ·

What a watch!! Any cool stories behind it, how long have you had it? 🍊

commented on Microbrand Field Watches under $1,000 ·

Love Boldr and Zelos! Boldr made the cut because they happen to have a Canadian AD. Same as Formex.

commented on Microbrand Field Watches under $1,000 ·

The only reason that I'm looking outside of Hamilton is because my current collection consists entirely of big name brands. Hamilton is the icon and spec monster, juat looking to see what else is out there.

commented on Behold the Samurai! 🗡🤿 ·

Care to share? 😁

commented on Whats your favorite movie that features someone in the main cast wearing a watch you know? ·

Just watched American Psycho for the first time this week. Love the fact that Patrick Bateman is actually wearing a Seiko 5 (SNJX90) instead of the assumed Presidential Day-Date. Just fits the messages of this weird movie so spot on!

commented on Field watches? ·

I don't own yet but I've been hugely admiring the Boldr Venture over the past few months. Titanium, sapphire, 38mm, and a really cool look for $400-$500!

commented on Which Japanese watch brand do you like the most? ·

I think each brand has their specialty that seperates them from eachother:

Seiko: historic divers

Orient: iconic dress pieces

Citizen: best solar movements

Casio: legendary digitals

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I've been hesitating on whether or not to post a review of this particular piece. Even though it is a phenomenal watch beloved by many die hard fans,...

Seiko Skx781

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Orient Sun & Moon v2 Review: Orient's Unsung Hero

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Girlfriend Reviews: Timex Expedition North Field Post Solar 36mm

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Timex TW2V00200

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