Question: Shipping and Duty Fees

Formex's website is the most transparent I've ever read regarding international shipping/duty costs. Has anyone ordered from them before that can atest?

OR, has anyone else had similar experiences with other brands?


I also live in Canada. I have had this experience with Sequent and with other non-watch related purchases. And when this kind of message has appeared, it has never failed me. Order delivered to my door with "Cleared" custom stickers without having to do anything.

I've never had issues ordering direct from Formex. There was one when they sent me straight springbars instead of the curved ones I needed but they went out of their way to get me the right set. Love those guys

I literally just read the same thing last night. Saw a post on a 39mm Essence and priced one out. Love it! I鈥檓 from KW, Ontario.

That鈥檚 fantastic!

Big thumbs up for Formex.

As any financially pinched Canuck knows: duties, tax, brokerage fees, customs fees can reach 30% or more, easily.

So the 鈥榓ll in鈥 price is huge.

Horage also does this. I even double checked via email as their watches can be pricey and I couldn鈥檛 quite believe they鈥檇 shoulder the cost. But all good!


This is on my short-list now!


I've wondered how they manage this, since, as I understand it, duty is assessed when the item arrives at customs, and US customs at least can be less than consistent. Do they do this for every country? Considering that every jurisdiction has different rates, rules, and procedures. And don't think you're not pay the taxes, even if you don't see them up front directly; the cost is built into the price. You pay import taxes every time you buy imported goods of any kind, even if you don't see it.

That鈥檚 a wayyyy more transparent way of doing things than I have experienced. I鈥檓 in the US, and when I got my CW, the watch was $990, the additional strap $70 and at checkout it was $1300 with duties and taxes. I would have appreciated knowing what the 鈥渁ll in鈥 pricing of each item was before I got to the final step. I still bought it though 馃し馃徎鈥嶁檪锔. Formex is doing it right.