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How many watches do you want/have in your collection? ⏱️

Curious to see how people approach the quest for their perfect collection. Some people may prefer a simpler approach, one watch you can go anywhere and do anything with - one true GADA as it’s been co...
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commented on royswatches's WRUW ·

Had to be done mate

commented on Latest update ·

Dark night rises - Batman, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, great film

commented on Latest update ·

It’s beautiful I have the same model (blue variant) wears beautifully - a much more manageable lug to lug than the Longines.

Enjoy the watch it’s a stunner, maybe try it on a few different straps or pop a mesh bracelet on it 😍

commented on royswatches's WRUW ·

The santos de Cartier in medium - the current model in stainless steel

commented on Should I replace my omega smp with a Tudor bb58? ·

I think if you’re having these thoughts the seamaster isn’t for you, otherwise you wouldn’t be considering swapping it at all.

I had similar thoughts with the Cartier Santos in medium - it was too big for me and I thought that every time I put it on. So I sold it and it funded some other purchases and I don’t ever look back - I did just buy a Santos Galbée and I love it!

I think you just need to try on a few different options before swapping it for anything. At the end of the day you just need to love whatever’s on your wrist :D

commented on royswatches's WRUW ·

Its just such joyful watch! You should get one back in the collection

commented on Perfect size ? ·

Where’s 36mm or 34mm… us small wrist folk need representation 😂😂

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How much of your salary do you put into your watch hobby?

It’s well known that this thing we call a hobby can get rather expensive. As a younger collector I’m curious in how other people allocate money to their watch funds, it’s something I’m trying to figur...
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