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Saukko I-100 Prototype

Long story short, I've been working on a tool watch design and came up with this prototype. This is a follow-up to the I-000 which I posted quite a wh...

Wristcheck October 10th 2023

Treated my chinese quartz chrono with some german leather luxury 馃槑 Strap: Di-Modell Chronissimo

I may have overdone it.

I made an advertisement for my Seikomods. This will not end well. Send help.

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commented on Saukko I-100 Prototype

NH35, this is a nice watch for someone on a tight budget :)

commented on Saukko I-100 Prototype

That's a good one, I might use that some day 馃

commented on A Study Abroad Memento :)

Great watch. Mine says hi :)

commented on Greets from a seikomodder in Finland

Cheers, thank you!

commented on The Empty Spot / What's Next?

The IWC 3777 is my ideal pilot chronograph, but struck out by your budget. I took a look around, but oddly enough there seems to be a lack of pilot chronos at this price point. Weird. I'd recommend the Steinhart Nav B chrono but the models tend to have something that puts me off: blue hands or weird pusher/crown design choices. Oh well.

Anyways, if you can manage to bag a Seiko Gen 1 RAF pilot's watch you have something you want to hold on to forever, this is definitely one of my favorites

commented on The Empty Spot / What's Next?

Pilot Chrono (your pick) or Tissot PRX. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

commented on From 80鈥檚 to timeless. [7223 6030]

Amazing watch. Try it on an expanding/stretching bracelet for the ultimate 80s aesthetic 馃槑 Warning: expanding bracelets are a pain in the ass to resize 馃槶

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Greets from a seikomodder in Finland

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