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Which Longines Big Eye ?

This is abviously a great chronoghraph . Which version do you guys prefer ? Stainless steel black dial ,or the Titanium Petroleum Blue dial ?
293 votes

Which Tudor would solve that Submariner itch for you ? until you actually get one lol

Many aspire to own a Rolex Submariner at one point of our long watch collecting journeys. We tend to collect Tudors on the way . Which of these three Tudor options might resolve that yearning for the...
411 votes

Do you see what I'm seeing ?

I'm claiming the new nickname for this 2024 Rolex Deep Sea Solid Gold , I call it the Smurfette

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commented on NWA Serica 6190

The dial sells the watch

commented on The mistakes we made on the collecting journey

This sounds familiar to many new guys in the hobby . It felt like it was me writing those very same words .

commented on Did I make the right choice?

I usually take A Seiko Samurai or a Turtle on summer holidays

commented on Too small or just right?

This is much better than a TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz chronoghraph .

commented on World Timers

They all are amazing pieces

commented on What Cartier tank must would you pick


commented on I want a Chronograph help me choose 馃榿

The Tag Heuer Skipper looks amazing . The Longines Big Eye offers a lot of refinement ,great design , and affordability .

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The grail watch killer !

I've always had the Rolex Submariner in my wishlist , today I think this 2024 Tudor monochrome Black Bay release changed that for me . Rolex is aiming...

Longines Big Eye

My son was posing for the camera with a mustache he got from a toy shop . After taking this photo in particular , I thought this one resembled the Lon...

Perfect all Tudor 3 watch collection ?

This is my personal Tudor collection . Tell me which Tudor watch you like most .
294 votes

Captain Willard says :

Since the US Navy Tudor Pelagos was released , I thought this Seiko has to be the real deal . The Seiko Captain Willard . I used a similar one pass na...

Today I realised that I am finally content with my collection .

Its been a crazy four years of making both good and bad decisions, learning as I collected . I shared my watches and the the passion for them with fam...