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Watch interrupted...

Yesterday morning my older daughter got a very high honor at school and I immediately thought "I should buy her a nice watch for all her hard work." A...

Which one do you like and why...

Buying my daughter a watch for no good reason (not a birthday or holiday, just because) All have similar specs, wr, movements, crystal, etc
178 votes

Piggybacking off another post... post the watch or watches you regret buying

I'll go first... Movado: just way too small and thin, barely passes as a watch a woman may wear today Seiko: an average watch that was an impulse buy,...

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commented on My first post!

Tony the Tiger and I both think that watch is great

commented on Which of the 3 Japanese Giants do you prefer in general??

I have 3 seikos, 2 citizens and an orient... I will definitely keep buying seikos

commented on How much is your collection worth?

Yesterday I was on the pickleball court and was talking to a guy who had a Batgirl on last time I spoke to him and this time he had on a DSSD... So he showed me some pics of his collection and it was banger after banger... Rolex, Omega, AP... his collection had to be north of 200k

commented on Who's afraid of monsters?

devil diver

commented on Choose you poison!!

I haven't seen the 50 in person but I do own the omega... so the 50!

commented on A video on Double wristing and a Apple Watch. What say you!

it's as bad as double dipping or going atm

commented on Your Thoughts On Jomashop?

Have bought many watches from them over the years. Never had an issue.

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NWA- Straight Outta London

I've had my eye on this watch for maybe 2 years, probably when I first discovered California dials. Sure there were other choices but I didn't want to...

My daughter's SOTC

"She's" been collecting (a loophole that allows me to buy more watches) for about 6 years. Started with some Casios and have now graduated to some ban...

Brand you'd never buy?

I'm not talking about never buying say Richard Mille because of the price, I'm asking, money is no object, no explanation necessary, what brand would...

Lorier... what gives?

I have been collecting my whole life... live in NYC and have never heard of this brand until I joined this site. Are they like your version of Steinha...


Since I'm a new member I figured I'd introduce myself with a SOTC. Some of the pics didn't come out great, but you get the idea.