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Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

Hi all, I am debating building a watch inspired from some of the ali express videos I have seen. Just wondering whether any of you have built a watch...

Homage or history? Dirty dozen - What would you pick? #WWYP

Hi all! Back with another one of these, admittedly it鈥檚 a fun way of gauging some really valuable opinions and insights. I would like to get a black dress watch as i鈥檓 thinking about switching my seik...
282 votes

Maen vs Tissot - What would you pick? #wwyp

Hi all, I am new to watch crunch, this being my third post! I am really enjoying posting questions and getting opinions on references. I am currently looking at a slim profile, mechanical/ automatic n...
548 votes

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commented on Dirty Dozens championship Round 1 | Day 2 Cyma vs Vertex 馃獤

Not sure of Cyma, truthfully I havent heard of them. Leaning towards vertex for the history and the british brand!

commented on San Martin - what would you pick?

looks so clean! amazing collection btw. love the sn0115 on the wrist a tough pick between these!

commented on Which of these 2 MJW would you pick & why?

perfectly useless morning!! it鈥檚 beautiful, and it will give you something to look forward to. :)

commented on seedorf547's WRUW

great watch, really beautiful design! just wish the lume and the sub dial had all the features that the black/ green variants have (more lume and number indices)

commented on Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

looks really nice, bet the build for the santos was a much more reasonable price! :) good luck with the logos

commented on Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

awesome build - deffo a fan of a green dial!

commented on Building a watch - ideas/ inspiration?

wow the nh35 build is just amazing 馃槏thank you for the comment, any advice is still advice!

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San Martin - what would you pick?

Hi all! I have been looking for an affordable gmt that sits well on a small wrist. Came across san martin, a chinese manufacture which uses the seagull movement for their watches. The price to perform...
92 votes

Vostok 420 mods - input?

Hi all! I am torn between two references, the legendary 420059 scuba dude, or the equally as beautiful 420269. I have smaller wrists hence the desire...