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Input needed

Hello crunchers, need your input on this one. Price is good but not a bargain. Serviced recently and in great condition. Not a daily driver but an elevated piece for time to time. Would you buy it?
40 votes

Happy new year eve Crunchers

Happy new years eve crunchers. May all your dreams (watch and watch not) come true. Today I'm wearing a very special piece. A heirloom watch gifted fr...

Merry Christmas crunchers

I hope you have a wonderful time tonight and that wear a piece that you truly love. Mine will be my Alpinist OG bought in 2017, a few months before it...

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commented on Any recent watch purchases that exceeded your expectations or fell short?

My Lawless 40 says hi. Have this watch since 2018 and it's a keeper.

commented on Rolex Explorer 36 Alternatives

For me personally, an homage will make you think about the explorer even more. But, why do you want an alternative? It is because of price, or because you are tired of waiting? Why not look for a second hand explorer? I have a 2002 explorer bought in 2018, and honestly , I love it.


If you want something cheaper and you are willing to compromise, these would be my alternatives (seen on the flesh)



Sinn 556 I

Hamilton Exp茅dition

Casio Ocenaus S100

commented on Input needed

Thanks everyone for participating. So after some reflection I just bought the watch. Therefore, one from my collection has to go, but I'm good with that . For info, final price of the watch plus shipping was 220 euros, so around 230 something dollars. A fair price I think given the condition and the overall looks of the piece. Stay classy, crunchers.

commented on NWA Seiko

I have the classic panda and I agrre about the bracelet. Its the first Seiko where I don't feel the need to buy another bracelet. Maybe for looks.

commented on FIFA tendinitis

You can wear your watch on your other hand. There are no excuses, sir 馃槀

commented on Input needed

It's gold plated, but no worries its around the 300usd mark, so I can live with babying it. Also not a daily wearer, just a piece to wear when I want to be more elegant.

Yes I also like it a lot, really close to pull the trigger.

commented on Please help me decide on my third watch

I think the BB54 compliments more your

collection. You already have a dressy sports watch with the PRX, so I think it overlaps a bit with the GS, that it's even more dressy. The lack of lume unfortunately for me is a big con for a GADA watch.

But I think it all depends on your dress code. Are you often in suits or sport jackets and shirts? The GS will see more wrist time. If you are more casual (t shirt, flannel shirts, jeans and boots) the BB54 is a better fit.

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My "new" vintage Casio 58QS 26 from 1978

Well this arrived in the post Yesterday. Small vintage Casio from 1978 in perfect working order. In great shape, but I just did some Polly watch+ cape...

Does anyone else finds that the Black Bay 58 in Gilt is too pretty?

Love the watch, and it surely looks very classy, sexy and built to last, but I don't know. Somehow after seeing in the flesh in an AD it feels too pretty for me, too perfect in a bad sense, like a wom...
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A PRX? No Please, give me a vintage Seiko Instead

A quite provocative heading to talk about this watch that I bought in 2019-2020, so a few months before the PRX craze started. I'm taking about the Se...

Hi to all the crunchers

Hey guys, first introductory post from me. I'have always been interested into watches (Casios mostly during my youth) but really caught the watch bug...