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commented on Frederique Constant Slimline Monolithic Manufacture Watch Review

How is the movement holding up years later? I'm curious if it has the longevity of a "normal" escapement.

commented on Recommendation for slim 36mm dive watch?

If Thin is more important than the diameter, then Henry Archer Nords酶 is only 10.5mm thin, comes in various colorways: https://henryarcher.com/en-eu/collections/nordso/products/nordso-horizon-blue

commented on Chronoswiss Lunar Chronograph

Looks great! How thick is the watch?

commented on On a 馃挋 perlon

Looks great! What strap is this?

I have a Seiko SNXS77 (the poor mans version of your watch, some might say), and I wonder if that strap would work equally well on mine.

commented on A little help? like this simple 36mm but w a date

Until you have a baby on your arm and you are waiting for the formula to reach the correct temperature. Then knowing when thirty seconds have passed becomes more important.

Oh yes, and I don't want to reach for my pocket to tell the date. Do I need it? No, but I want to be able to go without.