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Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

Hello ladies and gents. The first advice I was given joining WatchCrunch was not to ditch a good watch only by a movement. As there are some good quar...

TACS watches - Automatic Vintage Lens II. Back in the game!

Hello ladies and gents! Back in the game at last! Being searching for a right piece to replace my Ingersoll the Jazz for quite a time. Today I came ac...

Garmin = Deathwish

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commented on Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

Thank you for a good advice, my friend. Will definitely look deeper into the topic. Still not sure however that quartz, even a high end one, will become something more then occasional pick for my collection. At this moment I鈥檓 still 100% auto fanboy. And it would be extremely hard for me to justify a quartz purchase for the price of a decent automatic piece.

commented on Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

Luckily I have a winder for my automatic collection. So it might be just a solution you need

commented on Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

Yep. Back in 80s and up to 9T82 model Kinetics were sort of high end.

Regarding keeping them charged - the capacitor is eventually a replaceable element here as well as the battery in ordinary quartz watch. So, I keeping the watch charged becomes an issue, it might be a signal to replace the capacitor.

commented on Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

Honestly, if someone told me that I would end up buying quartz the very next day, I鈥檇 laugh. Up until getting my hands on this particular piece I was thinking of quartz watches as of blasphemous abomination cursing the watch world with their very existence. But now Imust face a difficult reality. Some quartz watches might end up in my collection. Still not sure what to think of it. But anyways鈥

commented on Seiko Kinetic Worldtime - my first ever quartz

In Ukraine we are having more then active lifestyle. In fact, active one is the only lifestyle plausible here 馃槀

commented on TACS watches - Automatic Vintage Lens II. Back in the game!

Yep. This one is 47mm. Not a tiny piece by any means

commented on Exit Strategy

Hello mate. I think I鈥檝e got the very point of your post. You are going hell or high water to justify our hobby from financial perspective. To put some moral foundation to go on.

So I think I鈥檝e got a potential solution.

  1. There is and never will be an endgame. Not for me, not for you. Not for any cruncher here. The love for watches is in your blood. It is a part of you. And it will never go away.

  2. Each hobby at some point has to become profitable to proceed. So, some eBay will be involved. You will eventually become not just a collector but a flipper. You will go out there hunting for yet another rare vintage watch or a limited edition of Hamilton Khaki just to flip them. And you will eventually know your buyers. So you will start counting Seiko 5 sports military pieces to sell to get to yet another Grand Seiko.

That is the only endgame possible for all of us here.

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