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Which one would you have (retail) ?

Curious to know what’s popular out of these. If you already have one, share some pics!
163 votes ·

Zenith Pilot in Blue!

Just received an email from Zenith about their latest update. The Pilot watches announced last year now come in blue.. What do people think ?

Rolex ‘Waitlist’ Debate

I’ve seen a post recently debating the whole AD/waitlist blah blah with Rolex and so I thought I’d share an alternative view. Now I get the frustratio...

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commented on What’s your perfect three watch collection rule ? ·

Rolex Datejust. Cartier Santos. Omega Seamaster.

That’s my 3 watch (for now) collection. Looking to add a Rolex GMT II and a Zenith Chronomaster to make it the perfect 5 watch collection 😅

commented on Why do Roman Numerals Suck? ·

I think everything has its place. On some watches it looks wrong but works perfectly fine on others. Same goes for so many other design features and details.

commented on Pick your favorite ·

That’s a perfect combo. No need to choose one over the other.

commented on Would you wear the cartier tank casually ? ·

I guess one could, but I’d rather wear it on occasions and make it feel a bit more special.

commented on What watch did you almost buy but thankfully didn’t? ·

I’d say it was probably the Tudor Pelagos 39 & Tudor Ranger. The P39 titanium just made it feel a bit weightless and dare I say cheap. And the Ranger just bored me to sleep in the AD itself.

Both looked so good on YouTube 😅😅

commented on Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Datejust? ·

I got the mrs an OP and a DJ for myself. Perfect his and hers combo!

For me the DJ has to be in the classic fluted/jubilee spec.

commented on Imagine you're given the choice to get any watch in the world (no matter the cost), but you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Which one would you pick? Drop your answers in the comments! ·

Meteorite Daytona on oysterflex.


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Which one and why?

If you had the chance to pick 1 out of these 3, what would it be? All will be new 2023 from AD..
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My first SOTC..

My current collection- Bought my first watch (SMP) in 2021 followed by the Tudor last Christmas. The Santos came shortly after in Jan of this year and...


I was at the Silverstone race this weeekend and all I could see was the Rolex green. Literally everywhere you turn. Got home to watch some tennis and...