3861 Hesalite with a sapphire caseback and lumed ceramic bezel

Is this blasphemy? Who cares!?


Definitely who cares. Certainly making the best of a good thing!

Best option, in my opinion !

Probably over a million of these in existence at this point with countless iterations, so there is something for everyone.

Wow! Hesalite in the front and sapphire in the back?

God tier!

Never knew they had this version wow!


Never knew they had this version wow!

I purchased the lumed bezel and the sapphire caseback both from SpiralWinder watch parts.

Incredible, if I ever have speedmaster money, I would be modding mine in a similar way!

Why blasphemy? It鈥檚 perfect.

I would call it romanticism.

I'm very into this

Is it hard removing the bezel? Love how it looks thinking of modding my bezel now.