What is this Omega?

I was strolling downtown Cairo when I came across this Omega. It seems authentic, as it's old and it is 18 carat gold. It has Speedmaster written on it with "Ofession" underneath it. No idea how it is a Speedmaster with no chronograph. I want it, but I don't know what's a fair price or even what exactly is it. Any thoughts?

Forgot to mention it's a manual wind and it seems to be working fine

Just thinking out loud, and I'm not an expert, but I wonder: The printing looks a little too rough for an Omega, even an older one. And "Ofession" not being a word, is suspect. Almost as if someone saw the word Seamaster "PROFESSIONAL" but didn't get the whole word right on the watch.

Or, I could be full of it. I don't know. 馃檪

I think it's a fake watch.

I mean, the name on the dial is Speedmaster and as far as I know Speedmaster is a line completely comprised of chronographs (and not small second dress watches).

Would pass.

I would not pay more than 100 dollars for that even if you love it simply because you won't be able to re-sell it. Best case scenario is that it is actually 18k gold and the movement is actually Omega, but since the dial has been repainted that would lead me to doubt the other elements.

It鈥檚 in a bazaar are you nuts ?

fake dial, pretty obvious

It's a jungle out there.

Does not look right at all.

At best, it鈥檚 redialled

At worst, it鈥檚 a bag of wasps

To be honest, I鈥檇 run a mile

Looks fake