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NWA: Vintage Hamilton Square from 1925

Being fairly content with my modern timepiece collection, I鈥檝e been feeding my curiosity in American watchmaking heritage and started looking into vin...
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I hope I don't regret this!馃檲

Just backed the Kickstarter campaign for the INMARE by Crepas Watches. Don't know much about the brand but fell in love with the design of theses that...
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114270 normal dial vs special service dial

I saw this dial in the videos of Adrian Barker & Theo and Harris. Do you guys like the font, more then the orginal dial and what do you think its worth? I love it and I will buy one if I find one.
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Hardly a grail watch, but I couldn't pass up a rarity

Never sold in the US. Unsure why. But this is my latest acquisition. I asked the seller where he found it. He laughed and said, "the other side of the...
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Gavox Avidiver II

this is my new prototype of the Automatic Seiko GMT watch Just to be checked before production
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Senior Gen1 military watch

Hi Just a heads up to everyone who's interested in vintage military watch's and Seiko Gen1 in particular. A shop in Sheffield has recently sold a few...
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My Current Collection

As you can see, I'm a bit of a budget collector, nothing too crazy in my collection. Been loving watches since I was a teen (29 now). However, I didn'...
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My rather deep review of Casio W-800HG-9AVDF

I first let anyone vote about "Which watches should I review" in two polls and I did promise to count all votes now on Monday and this is the strange...

Casio W-800HG-9AVDF

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Definitely a peculiar watch to say the least. Something your overly energetic, nerdy science teacher would wear. (No offence, keep in mind, I owned th...
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Rare1970 ZENITH (Movado Branded)

I just love it when a piece has lots of history behind it!!! At the time, Zenith had trouble selling their timepieces in America, particularly the new...
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