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Hard to let go...

Probably the prettiest watch I own, but definitely the least practical .No lume, hands that are so fine I sometimes think I need a microscope to see t...

Unexpected addition...

I'd lusted after one of these since they were released a few years back, but availability , always seeming to be full MSRP, and the ebb and flow of my...

Streching a point...

Some may eulogise about Rolex's Gluidelock system, but for ultimate on-the-fly adjustment you can't beat a cheap and chintzy expander. 馃槂It may be a n...

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Russo_Gogg commented on Unboxing, Unwrapping, and Resizing an iCon

Jody get a cut?馃槈

Russo_Gogg commented on Six watch collection

Nice varied set. 馃憤

Russo_Gogg commented on My watch collection - just got a new piece today 鉁岋笍

I guess I'm not alone in having a couple of vintage pieces, but limiting the number due to service costs and the the minefield of trying to source good, genuine watches from trustworthy sellers. Had I deeper pockets, my collection would be far more vintage-oriented. Lovely quartet.馃憣

Russo_Gogg commented on New colors for the Circula ProTrail & AquaSport

The brown and gilt is a lovely combination.馃憤

Russo_Gogg commented on NWA - Nivada Spider and Enicar Rocketship!

You get a馃憤 just for the bund!

Russo_Gogg commented on Lorier Neptune III

Great combo!馃憤

Russo_Gogg commented on Watches made elsewhere?

One of 10 Soviet/Russian made watches I have. There's so much more to explore than Vostok ( BTW, I. have an Amphibia馃憤) I've also got CW (UK), Sinn (Germany), a Seiko (Japan) & a few Swiss brands (inc Oris and Zodiac). I've always liked exploring watches from all parts of the world .


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The depths of the mighty Clywedog require a true leviathan of a watch!

Ideal winter watch

Three years in, and this party trick hasn't got old馃寵

Tree's company

The fellow that live over yonder, says this tree leans to the left. I say it leans to the right. Onr of us must be wrong , surely!馃

Gearing up...

The rifling on this bezel is apparently a nod to jet turbines. For me though, the way it merges with the crown knurling, it says transmission train. A...


Still, for me, the best way to do a date function.鈴

Misty old day...

Another 3133, this time from Buran, on one of Haveston's excellent 'parade' straps. Ideal if you like a double-pass strap, but don't really love a big...