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I’m a Panerista!

My first Panerai Luminor Marina! Can’t wait to see what this amazing community has to offer! Over the years I couldn’t stand Panerai due to their gino...

Wrist Monday

Having fun with family!

Seiko Sarb Anniversary! Feb 4, 2020

The watch that started it all. Over 4 years with this beauty! My first true mechanical watch. I remember when I first started my first week of college...

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commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

Proud to be one of you guys! 🍻

commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

There’s nothing like it! 🥂

commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

Safe travels and have lots of fun! You’ll come around to it 😂. I thought of them as ghastly humongous simple watches for years until it grew on me, and inevitably pulling the trigger a week ago.

commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

Mine is on the the fringe of 6in. I don’t get get any over hang. It may look a bit big on picture, but in person it’s not. It also wears significantly better than the new model, due to the proportions.

commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

Thank you brother 🤝🏻 🍻

commented on I’m a Panerista! ·

Thank you. I’m very happy to be a part of you guys! 🫡

commented on Got this, so I ordered this 😊 ·

I personally own the limited edition black washi paper with gold indeces 38mm version. I absolutely love it! Wear it in good health my friend. & Congratulations 🍾!

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Omega Aqua Terra in its Natural Habitat 🍃 💧

3 years with the Omega Aqua Terra 38.5mm! Just wanted to give it a shout out for being one of my first “Luxury” watches. Been a great companion, and h...

Grand Seiko - Spring Drive VS Hi Beat 36000

Hi guys, I’m having a really hard time in deciding which type of watch to select. The ones I have in mind is the lake Suwa in the spring drive and hi beat variant. Also, the white birch and the Rikka....
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Panerai Marina Luminor 40mm

Hi guys, I had a question and I was wondering what the community thinks of this, so you guys could give me some pointers. I’m thinking about purchasin...