Desired Christmas watch.

Maybe one day... but does it really matter?

If age and this time of year has taught me one thing, it is that all is temporary.

Items are just stuff. Relationships and experiences are more critical to me.

Love and embrace what you鈥檝e been blessed to have but most of all friends and family still here and hopefully healthy.

It鈥檚 great we all have a hobby and connection and it鈥檚 an inclusive community but cherish those memories and moments with others this holiday season.


It鈥檚 cool to have things. It鈥檚 even better to have people with whom to share those things. Merry Christmas. 馃檪

Man its so easy to get deep down in the rabbit hole of materials and materialistic things in the watch community.. thanks for the reminder

Otter-ly perfect sentiment


I know a few folks I'd gladly swap for watches...馃榿馃ぃ

Happy Christmas & much love to you all 馃巺馃徎鉀勨潳锔

i like this watch, but they couldn鈥檛 even bother to center the date for the website?

Merry Christmas! A great sentiment for all of us to remember especially in the upcoming year.

And do it while wearing a watch! 馃槈 Watches can be great objects to encapsulate relationships, experiences, and precious moments. Happy New Year! 馃コ馃嵒