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Fossil Heritage.. is it any good ?

Hi, I saw this beauty the other day and the dial caught my eye. I am contemplating to buy this. I would like to get your suggestions. Although its not...

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commented on Pratim.Roy's WRUW


commented on Pratim.Roy's WRUW

Absolutely mate

commented on Grand Seiko Snowflake

The indicator is set to 'max' position. Thats how it should be once the watch is fully wound.

commented on Set day and date...

And that's the way it is...

commented on Guyllheaume's WRUW

It's lovely

commented on First Seiko Mod Completed - New Bezel Insert.

Looks badass

commented on Fossil Heritage.. is it any good ?

Ballpark $300

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Dan Henry - Are these any good ?

I am contemplating on buying a Dan Henry 1975, specifically the white one, which caught my eye. I couldn't find any reviews on it and thought of reach...