Fossil Heritage.. is it any good ?

Hi, I saw this beauty the other day and the dial caught my eye. I am contemplating to buy this. I would like to get your suggestions. Although its not an expensive watch but the dial was something intriguing. It's one of those dials which you had earlier seen on some other watch somewhere and unable to remember where..

But it's a Fossil (I personally dont like the brand because of the whole fashion watch thing, but I had developed a little respect when I came to know of the Zodiac situation)

Here are the specs:

Movement- Miyota (8 series) wich hack and hand wind

Power reserve- 40 odd hrs

Dial - 43 ( I thought it was more of a 41, could be the lug to lug)

Thickness - 13

I need your suggestions on whether to bring it home.

I havent been able to find any reviews and your opinions will be appreciated.

Also, what should I tell the wife this time around (ps: I have a collection of 46 already)


You like you buy.

Tell your wife you have a problem and the only way to solve it is with more watches.

46. I鈥檓 going to use you as a comparison for my wife. I鈥檓 at five and with a sixth on the way, and she gives me a go to hell look when i show her more watches.


You like that you like what you like.

Honestly doesn鈥檛 matter if it is a fashion watch. Any fashion watch and any Rolex are worth the same if they do not bring you joy.

Not that beau g said

If know a piece is better built with a strong quality control history is the source of your enjoyment then I recommend holding off. The thing is you can almost always find an exact copy

In design from a greater reliable source in company. Never move on a watch simply because of its looks. There is much more to the story in order for you to be fully happy with you choice 馃檭馃ジ馃し馃従



Ballpark $300


Ballpark $300

Oof, rather steep :S