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The new Seiko 5 SSK023K1

I wasnt planning to buy a new watch but here it is. Since I got my “Batman 5KX GMT”, it quickly became one of my favourite watches, and when Seiko ano...

Another Orient!

B-day watch for this year! My Orient Kano. This red dial is really something. I have enough divers by now… Maybe a bambino would be a good choice from...

SOTC 2023

Here goes my SOTC 2023 of affordable Japanese watches! My Solar watches, And my Automatic watches! 24 watches and strong! Maybe next year I’ll try to...

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commented on First GMT ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ·

Also my choice. My favourite GMT out there 100%

commented on Watch brands you just find cool 😎 ·

I agree with the two brands tou have picked. Double thumbs up 👍👍

commented on Quartz watches for the month day 21! ·

Fantastic watch! And Eco-Drive 🤯

The variety of cool watches Citizen puts out there is just crazy…

commented on admit_to_IM's WRUW ·

Very cool 😮

JDM you say?

The Japanese really do keep the best for themselves…

commented on ChronoGuy's WRUW ·

Never saw this dial before! Uau, looks amazing! Congrats! 👏

commented on llimanjaya's WRUW ·

Superb! Love this watch! Such a deep rich green dial. Great taste my friend 👏

commented on First watch & first Citizen ·

Very cool! Must say my Citizen watches really are my most reliable watches.

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Wrist Time Champion of 2023

Results are in! After a few moments of not so methodical deliberation, I have discovered that my Gradient dial Kamasu is my wrist time champion of 202...

Citizen Promaster “Full Lume”

My favourite dive watch. Affordable, sturdy, well sized with a retro 90’s design. Automatic with handwinding and hacking. On the downside, mineral gla...

Casio Wave Ceptor

All my Casio watches have Tough Solar and Multiband. Two features I always considered fantastic in a modern watch. A watch that is always charged, and...


I think I’ll never get tired from this one. The SRPE51K1 was one of the best Seiko releases in the last years. With several sunburst dial variations t...


Yes, it’s BIG… Too big for my wrist!? Yes… It is… Can I get rid of it? No… For 3 times I was about to sell this watch but never actually sold it. I gu...

Wich Casio should I get!?

I’m missing a Wave Ceptor in my Casio collection. Currently Casio is selling these 2 models. I love the Square design with the bracelet but it has 2 big downsides: no solar and low WR. The other one i...
48 votes ·