More Nato Strap Comparisons (Big Guy Request)

See my previous post (linked at the bottom) for more of my Nato search.

As it's been difficult to find Natos long enough for me, and the quality of different straps varies wildly, I ordered two different blue Natos from BluShark to see which I liked.

Up top is their regular Original series in Navy, below is their AlphaShark Slim series in Ocean Blue.

Note the length difference.

The Original series is 280mm (11").

The AlphaShark, AlphaShark Slim (here), AlphaPremiere, and both Single-Pass series are 290mm (11.41").

On my 7.65" wrist, that difference becomes crucial.

Here on a Casio Duro, the Original isn't long enough to tuck and if I trim it the second keeper doesn't grab it - it really needs that extra tucked layer to function:


Here's the AlphaShark:


Nicely tucked, if just barely enough to really stay in place, very comfortable.


You can see the finish/hue differences well here:


Now my 7.65" wrist is larger than most, so most people won't have any issue with this. But as my wrist is far from huge, this means even their longer strap will just barely fit a lot of people.

As cheap as the nylon material is, BluShark should offer a longer version as well, maybe 12" or 12.5."

I'd pay the slight upcharge.

BluShark is not alone - StrapsCo are also on the short side.

My previous Nato findings:

Different weaves in the material change the wearability of them. If you get stiff ones they are not as comfortable and the soft ones fray more easily at the pin holes and edges. Nato straps are consumables and not meant to last very long anyway as the fabric can stain more than leather.

Hello there . Please check out

All ours are currently 280 mm but we are in the process of getting 300mm straps . If you look on our IG you will see some videos of them on a 7 inch wrist . I hope that helps ! All the best