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Secondhandshadow ·

Cork straps. Anybody tried them?

Discovered cork fabric today and immediately wondered how it would hold up as a strap. There are a few on Etsy. Curious to see if anyone has opinions.
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Ls9009 ·

Strap versus Bracelet

I THINK summer is coming so I switched the bracelet for the deployment strap on my Speedy. I think the new speedy bracelet is the most comfortable eve...
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Tanveer ·

Wonderful Advise

If you have an itch to buy a new watch, which is usually there during every new watch release. Just try to change the watch strap of your old watch, t...
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HookedinBern ·

UK Tropic Strap - recommendations

To all the UK members- I would welcome recommendations for a 20mm Tropic Strap from a UK supplier (no import duties). Also confirmation that this type...
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justmenico ·

Buckle proplem

My watch strap buckle is digging into my skin, solution ideas anyone?
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Galactica ·

New bracelet

Finally bought my new bracelet for the C60 Atol. The tide straps are very nice, but nowhere near the bracelet quality. CW bracelets are superb.
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iliketowatch ·

What a difference a strap change can make

I was starting to fall out of favour with my 1968 Seiko 5 6119-6020. Don't get me wrong, I still think it's the best 60's Seiko I've seen, however pai...
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nartlambaz ·

Tried the Longines Ultra Chron on many different straps and bracelets, this is my favorite, tell me what you think.

My Longines Ultra Chron came on the factory bracelet which looks amazing, but a bit too blingy for my taste. I also have the factory nato strap, not a...
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robwei ·

Do you even demag, bro?

Whenever I get new springbars, straps, watches, components, ... The first thing I do is hold them next to a compass to see if they're magnetised. If i...
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robwei ·

FKM strap recommendations please!

I have a lot of straps, bands, bracelets - but not a single FKM strap. To keep me from trial and error - which FKM straps do you recommend?
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