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Blue Citizen diver

I loved this watch so much with the black dial I had to grab the blue model as well. I don鈥檛 have many blue watches but I really liked the shade of bl...


One of the two watches I always grab for are my Seiko Arnie remake and my Seiko king turtle. They are the two watches in my collection that just check...

Almost that time 馃懟

Only a couple more months for my favorite holiday and I have the perfect watch for that entire month. 馃巸 Gen 1 Seiko monster.

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commented on Mistermac's WRUW

Haha we have good taste. Perfect day for a turtle. I really want the dark green king turtle next. 馃馃徏馃憡馃徏

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

They are definitely underrated but good thing because the price stays down 馃槀 馃憡馃徏

commented on Mistermac's WRUW


commented on Mistermac's WRUW

I get it ! It鈥檚 such a fun watch and comfortable to the point you forget it鈥檚 on due to how light it is. I have this one and one with a light grey border on the dial and also one with a strap and one with a gold dial border. Such a fun piece.

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

Thank you ! 馃馃徏馃憡馃徏

commented on Mistermac's WRUW

That is awesome! Thank you for sharing that and also the pic. This is what this page is all about ! 馃憡馃徏馃馃徏 I have an original doc-62 brand new with the original box and paper work and still has the plastic on the face. I want to wear it so bad but can鈥檛 get myself to do it. 馃槀

commented on I am 61 years old and 鈥︹

Well that didn鈥檛 take long at all 馃槅 love it ! Enjoy! I have been on a digital casio hype lately myself. 馃憡馃徏馃馃徏

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Seiko Cookie Monster !

Found this fitting. Gen 1 Seiko monster with the OG monster himself. Cookie Monster!! I am fortunate to own this beauty and also a gen 1 orange dial m...

Seiko SKX009

One watch I was extremely lucky to get and will never let go. Love this one.

Citizen NY0040

Can鈥檛 get enough of these citizens. I own a few different variations of this model and love them all the same. Look at that gorgeous lume.

The King.

This is the only white dial watch I own and man it鈥檚 a beauty. The Seiko King Samurai is definitely one that stands out from the rest of my divers. I...

Citizen Orca

First time I actually went swimming with a watch comfortably. I know most of my watches are made for diving and can withstand mostly anything I can th...

Monster classic.

Just pulled this old guy out to put a nato strap on it and fell in love all over again. With Halloween a few months away I thought it was appropriate.