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Sinn U1 with MOP dial

Been eyeing this for a while and pulled the trigger over the summer. Arrived today. The MOP dial is gorgeous.

Whats the most expensive item you are wearing right now?

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Ebay has a 10% off coupon for $2000+ watches

Anything tempting?

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John_50 commented on What is a watch brand that is super popular or common that you don’t own? ·

I think G Shock is just about its own brand now. Not for me.

John_50 commented on New to the Crunch, looking for a 50th birthday watch. ·

I spoke to Roland Murphy of RGM on Sunday at Watchtime NYC. He gave me a personal history lesson of the brand. Great to meet the man himself and get a personal explanation of the models. I really liked these.

John_50 commented on DISGUISTING WATCH TUESDAY! ·

This is almost as bad, and a lot more expensive.

John_50 commented on Do You Wish They All Could Be California Dials? ·

Not my thing but I don't have strong love/hate opinion on them.

John_50 commented on What's the general opinion on Frederique Constant? ·

I looked at a bunch of them at Watchtime NYC today. Look more expensive than they actually are. Liked the Classics Premier models for the price. Nice dials.

John_50 commented on Marlin ·

I can nit pick on mine and the second hand doesn't fullying line up with the indices. But it's my favorite beater by far.

John_50 commented on Watch time NY ·

I'm going tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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I've sold 75% of my collection this year and couldn't be happier

Quite a year of consolidation and figuring out what I like and don't. Less focus on inexpensive quartz items and more on quality mechanicals. Notable...

I wanted to like the Ranger, but it just doesn't do it for me

I've been shopping for a simple, no date, tool watch and the Ranger was on the short list. Having the chance to try one on yesterday left me feeling l...

What time source do you typically use to set your watch?

I'm a complete accuracy nerd and it's the NIST atomic clock for me. 🤓
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Does Anybody Own 2 of the Exact Same Watch Only in Different Colors?

If so, which ones?
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Don't Sell That Watch Until Trying a New Strap

Here is my Seamaster 300M. Wasn't loving it too much anymore and was thinking about selling. Instead I tried a rubber sport strap. Changes the wearing...

How Do You Organize Your Watch Box?

I organize by brand. The Omegas, the Hamiltons, etc.