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most incredible Chronograph value?

Value retention aside This has to be the best watch What do you guys think? This is one complicated watch for the money 😆

Did Mido destroy Longines?

nothing better than a sibling rivelry 😆 What do you guys think?

Mido is out doing Longines

I am working on my following watch review. Work and family kept me busy most of this month, but I'm ready to start making videos again. I love this Mi...

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commented on Breitling - What's Your Take? ·

For me it's not so much that the movements are not in house, it's simply that we know what those moments cost, so the majority of the price is case dial hands etc, which are nice, but not particularly better than lower prices mid tear swatch brands

It's all subjective, but that's my take 😆

Value doesn't seem to be there for me 🤷🏻‍♂️

commented on Breitling - What's Your Take? ·

I find them a bit overpriced

But at least they are not using super cheap valjoyx movements (anymore), I'm not sure how they don't get more shit for selling sw200 based watches for $5k

You would think they would get the Hublot treatment

I think breitling should be priced more in the range of Longines/Tudor

Not in the Omega /Zenith bracket

That's just my 2 cents tho 🤷🏻

commented on No body told me how awesome pocket watches are ·


Makes sense

You need a big wrist to pull them off

7.5 to 8 inches to wear them confortabily

With that said I my self have lost interest in the conversion side 😂

commented on Munch News & Photography challenge! ·

So cool

Thanks for sharing !!!

commented on Its_complicated_yt's WRUW ·

Yeah it's pretty bananas check out my full review If you like :)

commented on Scubamead's WRUW ·

Definitely a looker ❤️

commented on Its_complicated_yt's WRUW ·

Thanks I love it

It was my grail ❤️

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No body told me how awesome pocket watches are

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The honey moon ❤️❤️❤️

No moon in the sky tonight so I got to see the stars 🙂 I think it's gold leaf 🤪

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