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The Speedy at school!

I decided to wear the pagani speedy homage to school and i got quite a few compliments!

Skiing with the Seiko

Went skiing with the Seiko this weekend and it worked great. Also figured out that it鈥檚 june lasts all night!

New leather straps!

I just got some new leather straps and put it on my vintage fossil and my Seiko 5 SpeedRacer! (To be honest I think the seiko looks better on the leat...

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commented on The Speedy at school!

Around 6 guys (All good friends) none from the girls because unfortunately i am not a ladies man. 馃槀

commented on Building my first chronograph!

Absolutely stunning! Great job 馃憦

commented on Skiing with the Seiko

hahaha i didn鈥檛 realize it! 馃槀

commented on Skiing with the Seiko

Thanks! Happy Easter to you too!

commented on Which one would you have (retail) ?

Although I might never be able to afford it the Datejust Wimbledon is my dream watch. But i bet Casio and or Pagani Design will make an homage.

commented on Invicta diver

Yeah! Your right

commented on Invicta diver


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Invicta diver

I know a lot of people dislike Invicta because some of their models are 鈥渜uestionable鈥 (and I agree) but I still like them especially their divers.

Nixon Sentry

Had to dust this one off. I haven鈥檛 worn this one in a long time, so long that I had to reset the time and date, 馃ぃ

Pagani Speedy

A new goodie just arrived in the mail! I know it鈥檚 Pagani but it really seems to be high quality. Any thoughts?