It's Heeeerre!

Have you wanted the look of a Casioak without getting the rugged durability? Skmei has just the watch for you! It's the new Skmeioak! Made of non-durable zinc alloy with a mineral crystal, it is guaranteed to scratch anywhere on the watch anytime it collides with anything tougher than your eye. You better not get this bad boy wet, as it only has 3 bar water resistance. Finally! A sport watch more fragile than most dress watches! Quite the steal for only about $50! 馃槀馃ぃ

Very nice looking watch especially the integrated bracelet,does it come with bubble wrap

To their credit the Chinese make decent quartz movements and rip off the tech from the Swiss and Japanese. If they put any effort into quality watches they would be going places. India will be the next new force in the watch world with cheaper labour than the Chinese.

Made from the finest surgical grade baked bean tins

looks cute


Made from the finest surgical grade baked bean tins

Don't forget the zinc pennies from WWII!