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New Addition to Vintage Collection! 1966 Certina!

Found this great looking vintage Certina watch for less than $100. Love the vintage market!
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It's Heeeerre!

Have you wanted the look of a Casioak without getting the rugged durability? Skmei has just the watch for you! It's the new Skmeioak! Made of non-dura...
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Tandorio GMT with NH34 Movement for less than $100!

US $96.60 31%OFF | Tandorio 40mm Sapphire Glass 20ATM Diver NH34A Movement Automatic Orange/Black Men's Watch For GMT Fuction Luminous Fold Clasp http...
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I love the T second hand that Tissot does on some models, like this watch and my PR100.


I like the simplicity of the dials. Which model is in the picture?

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OK. Here we go. Some of my favorites.


1980s Armitron Analog Digital


1980s Timex Q Analog Digital


1977 Citizen CQ Solar Cell


1977 Timex LED


1985 Armitron Calculator Watch


1985 Casio Cosmo Phase 50W


1977 Bulova Series 3075 Alarm Chronograph


1982 Seiko Silver Wave


1979 Armitron Alarm Chronograph


1980s Casio AE30W


1980s Texas Instruments Alarm Chronograph

And a few reissues just for fun.


Bulova Computron


Timex Q Digital


Casio A100 Pac Man

DigitalDivider commented on How would you describe this case? ·

"The Bezel!" That is what I would call this watch. 😉

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It's a bit more than $300, but the Islander Brookville is a great dress watch; sapphire crystal, either jubilee or oyster bracelet, 100m wr, and a combination of SARB and Datejust aesthetics. Also lots of dial choices for this one. Here is the black sunburst dial.

DigitalDivider commented on I Understand the San Martin Hype: BB58 Silver Homage ·

I have to agree that San Martin is among the top tier of AliExpress. Here are a few pics of my San Martin showing some detail that sets them apart from the others.

DigitalDivider commented on Anyone Buying at their March Sale? ·

I have had some good luck with Tandorio in the recent past, so I picked up a GMT with the NH34 movement and a titanium pilot's watch from Tandorio.

DigitalDivider commented on #NWA My new Timex Marlin ·

There really is a great selection of vintage Marlins available for great prices on ebay. Honestly, there are a lot of reasonably priced vintage watches from a lot of great brands; Bulova, Hamilton, Tissot, Junghans, Longines, and more.

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Pagani Designs GMT with NH34 Movement for $121!

I just ran across this new 2023 release from Pagani Designs. It is a GMT with the new NH34 movement for $121 on AliExpress. That is an incredible pric...

32572.76PKR 64% OFF|PAGANI DESIGN New Japan NH34 GMT Men Mechanical Watch Luxury Sapphire Glass AR Coating Automatic Watch for Men relogio masculino| | - AliExpress
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Look Familiar?

Is it just me, or does this new Berny titanium watch have a dial that looks really familiar? 🤣
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Would you buy a $90 GMT?

I ran across this Pagani Design GMT watch for less than $90. It has a Pearl DG5388-A movement, which I don't know much about at all. If it is any good...
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Finally Succumbed to San Martin!

I was just looking around on AliExpress when I ran across this pilot watch from San Martin. 37mm, sapphire crystal with anti-glare coating, signed scr...
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New Arrival! Vintage Tissot Seastar!

My latest addition to my vintage collection, a 1970s Tissot Seastar. It is in good shape and was a great price. My vintage collection continues to gro...
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What the Heck?!?

Am I missing something? I am selling some watches on ebay, including this Seiko 5 SNKL23 J1. The auction on this one is ending today. When I went to b...
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Invicta Irony?

Have you received a badge on Watch Crunch for a brand that you dislike and for which you only have bad experiences? I just received the Invicta badge, and it is just such a brand for me. I have nothin...
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