I've chosen the watch. I've chosen the size. I can't make up my mind with the colour.

White or blue depending on what you have in your collection

White and green go with both neutrals and naturals(gray scale and blue scale). Pretty watch by the way!

The green is the one I am considering. Love the distressed dial.

White or black... This is what you get for asking the internet 馃槄馃ぃ

White or blue.


White or black... This is what you get for asking the internet 馃槄馃ぃ

Nearly as confused as me 馃槀

White on green will be more readable than white on white.

noir ou bleu

I say green; it looks the most textured.

First choice - Green, second - White

They oddly showed it is descending preferential order from top left: white, green, blue, black.

White looks too beautiful to be true 馃ぉ Imagine putting it on brown, orange, green or any other color straps you might wish 馃ぉ

I can attest that their blue is fantastic

i would go with blue

Green, color of money

My first pick is the green version, very beautiful dial, then the black for timeless looks.

White all the way for me personally, class act of a watch.

Im fifty fifty on white or blue鈥..,

That white dial is on point!

Thank you WatchCrunch. The trigger has been pulled and in true democratic tradition a white dialed CW C63 has been ordered. 馃憤




I love the green fume

I have 3 , the Ukraine aid one,, a white GMT dial and numbered around the bezel it is as nice as any explorer and 11ooo cheaper. I would choose this color, you will not be disappointed,