2022 SOTC

Howdy WatchCrunch!

End of 2022 SOTC Starting from Left:
Seiko Turtle Padi (SRPE99)
Tag Heuer Formula 1 (WAC1113)
Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 (T137.407.11.041.00)
Invicta Pro Diver (8926OB)
Seiko Spirit Chronograph (SBTR027)
Seiko Diver (SKX009K)
Orient Kamasu (RA-AA0001B19B)
San Martin Explore (SN021-GB3)

WatchBox: https://www.watchcrunch.com/Chrono22/posts/rothwell-6-slot-leather-watch-box-18879 

This year has been a huge year for me in my watch collecting journey. For context, I am currently a college student, I grew up wearing watches and my watch interest was reignited by wearing an apple watch while working at a pizza joint in High School.

My watch journey was reignited by the Invicta Pro Diver (pictured on NATO) which was originally on the classic bracelet. From there, after my first paycheck at my internship I decided to purchase an Orient Kamasu, which is one of my favorite watches to wear on a day to day basis. As time went on, I wanted to purchase watches to commemorate special occasions. That theory didn’t last too long. My internship was extended, prompting the purchase of my green BB36 homage from San Martin. From there I found a great deal on the Seiko Turtle Padi (I’m a PADI certified Diver) and another deal on an SKX009K. A little while after, earlier this month, I was on a cruise and got a deal on a blue PRX Powermatic 80, and said if it was available on the last day I would buy it. I was then gifted the Seiko SBTR027 (JDM only Chrono) for Christmas (see https://www.watchcrunch.com/Polo22/posts/my-christmas-watch-story-22405 ).

My collection is currently FULL. I do not see myself purchasing any other watches in the near future (that’s also what I said after my last watch lol) and am currently enjoying rotating through my collection everyday. I am very proud of my collection, especially based on what I can do as a currently enrolled college student. I enjoy researching and learning more about this hobby every day, please leave a comment on what you think along with watches you find interesting, I’m always looking to find a new watch to research!!!

Check out my page for reviews/watch stories from the perspective of a college student!

PS. I’m currently interested in looking to trade my SKX009K for a SSK003 (New Seiko 5 GMT) if anyone is interested, please reach out via private message.


Very nice collection!  You should be proud!


Great looking group you got going!!


The turtle PADI is a classic colorway and a classic watch.  My fave of the bunch.  Great start!


Nice collection!! Seems like you enjoy blue and red bezeled #seiko  watches 😂


Nice Balance of Watches! Very Cool!