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Which watch in John Mayer's collection is your personal favorite?

John Mayer has an insanely large, admittedly very high end watch collection. I know that I'll never be able to afford the same level of watches as he collects, but I really appreciate his genuine love...
69 votes ·

Traska Reviews

I compiled this list of reviews/articles as part of my research into Traska so I thought I'd share. 😉 Brand Review (& multiple models) https://ww...

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watchobsessed commented on The trouble with Grand Seiko ·

Wear it. Love it. Share that love.

watchobsessed commented on a post ·

Thankful that you and your family are safe, but very sad to hear about the break in and theft.

watchobsessed commented on Watches we hate: ·

My stepmom knows that I'm a watch nerd and bought me a wooden watch last Christmas. It was a thoughtful gift that combined my watch love with her utilitarianism. I love it because of that thoughtfulness. Is wood my favorite case material? Of course not, but I would stop short of calling out cringy.

watchobsessed commented on You Don't Have To Hate Nato Straps Anymore 🤝 ·

Super cool. Love the initial selection of colorways and I look forward to additional options.

watchobsessed commented on NWA newly released 4th Philippine Edition Seiko ·

Great green dial!!!

watchobsessed commented on The one you really want ·

For me it’s the Grand Seiko SBGP007. I love color combination, the super clean dial, and the insane accuracy (+/- 5 seconds per year).

watchobsessed commented on Colonel's WRUW ·

How much at a yard sale?

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Which rare Cartier watch is your fav?

65 votes ·

Now this is a great watch collection video!

Love that Teddy is highlighting the watch collection of the non rich and famous. Great video and great stories for his entire collection.

What's your favorite watch app?

107 votes ·

Help needed

A friend asked me to look into the broken clasp of a Citizen Eco-Drive given to him as a 5 year work gift. When I disassembled the clasp, I discovered...

Interesting Places to Store Watches

This week I've been very busy and, in the evening rush, I ended up placing this week's watches in the rock bowl on my coffee table each night. As I wa...