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My Watch Spot (SOTC)

Here’s my current overall watch collection including accessories (spare bracelet/straps, tools, etc.) Automatic watches are in the watch box and all t...
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watchobsessed commented on My Affordable Collection Complete! ·

Nice 6-watch collection!

watchobsessed commented on Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned... ·

Wear what you like. That’s the ultimate goal of this hobby. However, please don’t expect that designer watches present the same value or horological significance as other brands.

watchobsessed commented on Watches in Wonderland; Do you sleep with it on or off? ·

No watch to bed for me

watchobsessed commented on Searching for a dressy(ish) GADA watch ·

I love the #grandseiko, but I actually voted for the #nomos for this poll. very underrated brand with a beautiful dial with well-executed sub seconds.

watchobsessed commented on The Great Grand Seiko Crystal/Glue Issue - What do you make of it and does it change your opinion of the brand? ·

Total bummer for a potential GS buyer 

watchobsessed commented on My Collection ·

Love the stories… and the watches! Thanks for sharing! 

watchobsessed commented on All the watch you need? ·

Not a bad combination at all!!

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2022 Seiko Releases

Great summary of all 2022 releases from Seiko.

All 2022 Seiko Announcements

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Newbie Watch Lessons Learned

Interesting Hodinkee article about all those lessons you learn when you jump into the watch hobby like what a tourbillon is and how to say #bulgari .

Year In Review: Ten Things Our Ex-Newbie Learned About Watches In 2022

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Wandering Hour from AP

I an intrigued by this 90s throwback from Audemars Piguet. I hadn’t heard about or seen pictures of the Starwheel watch, but I think it’s pretty inter...

Introducing: Audemars Piguet Brings Back The Starwheel (Live Pics)

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RZE Endeavor Mint Green

I received this watch in the mail today and wanted to share the first day pictures. I will prepare a full review after a week or two of ownership and...
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Zenith El Primero

Yet another reason I love this watch. For me and apparently Will Ferrell, the #zenithelprimero is the perfect chronograph - perfect size, great moveme...
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