Lange 1

So my brother who knows literally nothing about watches and does not own a watch is in the market for a watch. He knows I鈥檓 obsessed with watches but does not want my opinion as he will buy what he likes not what I like. Fair enough.

He looks through 90 watch brands (per him) and likes the Lange 1. Apparently he has a good eye. He asked me if he went to a boutique would he be able to buy a Lange 1. I said I doubt it but I really have no idea. Told him to make an appointment.

Any crunchers who have visited Lange know what鈥檚 up?

No clue-but if he "literally know nothing about watches" I'd steer him away from a watch like that. For his ,and the watches, sake.

I agree with Foghorn.

He first looked at the 1908 until I said there is far better out there. Perhaps I am partially to blame. Also I told him that the 1908 would be a very long wait as he has no spend history with an AD.

I agree with Balanced.

I don't think that buying a Lange 1 is "hard". I have seen them in windows next to a Saxonia. They have gotten very expensive so that's a significant barrier for most.

If he has a very high income amd likes it, then I don't think it's a bad first watch. I'd still recommend something much cheaper but he likely attends the kind of events where you'd wear that. I'd say unless he wants to wear it every day no matter what, he should just go to a boutique and try it on.

I agree with Juan_Brujo.

Just curious as to why others would steer him away from this? If someone is in the market for a watch in the $30k-$50k range, and wants a very nice watch, I'm not sure why they should be dissuaded from one that they seem to like. I personally would suggest they look at the secondary market.

Thought about testing the waters with a GO Pano first. See how he gets on with it, then go the Lange 1 route


That's a hell of a first watch but may be too much as a first watch

I have purchased 3 Lange watches (1 from AD who was being closed and the others from boutiques) in 2022-23. With the big price increases you can buy a lightly worn one for considerable savings. If he wants new he has to go through the boutique. Going through the boutique may feel like an interview but can be enjoyable. I鈥檝e had them take me to dinner etc as they want to know who you are and establish a 鈥渞elationship鈥. You鈥檒l want to talk to someone ideally before making appointment and get a better understanding of what they have and what they may be able to offer at the time of the appointment but it often depends what has been recently sent to them. My last appointment in LA I could have bought a datograph or different Lange 1 to what I already have. Getting an Odysseus or other small production watch is a waitlist.

Beautiful #alangeandsohne !!

Yeah I'd hesitate on that unless he's got really deep pockets. That's like buy a Ferrari for you first car. Sure you could, is it the best idea? Maybe not.

I agree with WasabiMaster.

I guess what he鈥檚 trying to say is that, if you鈥檙e a complete novice to watches, going all in is a terrible idea if you haven鈥檛 fully realised your own tastes and preferences. He should give it time, or perhaps some less pricey pieces to go.

Otherwise, what if he doesn鈥檛 like it? He鈥檚 $30-50k or so in the hole. Yes he can sell it, but usually at a loss. Either way, he鈥檒l have wasted his money.

Per my last visit to the Lange boutique at South Coast Plaza every model in the store was available to purchase. I鈥檓 not sure you鈥檒l have too difficult a time buying a brand new Lange 1 from your local boutique. I look forward to hearing what he ends up with!

We learn by doing and experience... Be a go getter, and check what's up. Do it.

Why do we assume that this is his "first" watch? Maybe this would be the "only" watch! Imo your brother should buy the watch that HE (!) likes!

Buying Lange 1 at a boutique shouldn鈥檛 be so hard (unlike Odysseus.)

I don鈥檛 necessarily think you should steer him away from Lange 1 as the first watch unless he is extremely careless or clumsy. But he should be aware that value retention varies significantly depending on the brand and model so he can make an informed decision.

Most people only buy one watch. My dad's watch was the Langematik Anniversary (enamel dial). He wore it everywhere. It was perfect for him and he never needed another one.

Buy the Lange 1. Enjoy it. Pass it on.

There鈥檚 and old saying鈥.. you can鈥檛 plant a tree 馃尦 then hang a swing on a branch the next day .

Even if he has plenty of cash to throw at it it鈥檚 still not a sound idea.

Would it be wise to get a Porsche turbo Carrera for a young man that just passed his driver鈥檚 licence ???