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MeisterSinger's Benjamin Franklin Edition timepiece

Germany’s MeisterSinger, known for their single-handed watches , recently released a limited run (70 units) of the Benjamin Franklin Edition timepiece...

Grand Seiko Loves America… or Their Money!

If you ask me, I’d say that Grand Seiko’s recent announcement of 3 US-exclusive releases is proof that post-war relations between the two great nation...

3 Watch Collection Edition: Blue Dial Edition

Whether it’s your favorite color or not, chances are you either own a blue-dial watch or want to own one. Well, how about 3? Here’s a trio collection...

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watchbites commented on 3 Watch Collection Edition: Blue Dial Edition ·

watch #1 looks very cool!

watchbites commented on What do you think of Ed Sheeran's watch collection? ·

You've definitely got a point there! But, you know, sometimes it's like watching a sci-fi movie - even though we may never get to fly a spaceship, we can still marvel at the technology and the passion behind it.

watchbites commented on The Girard Perregaux Neo Constant Escapement is insane! ·

I couldn't agree more, @synchronicity ! It's fantastic to witness GP's return to the world of movement innovations.

watchbites commented on WatchTime NY 2023 is here soon and we’re so ready! ·

Nice! Hope you'll have a great time! What timepiece are you planning to wear for the event?

watchbites commented on WatchTime NY 2023 is here soon and we’re so ready! ·

Awesome! It's going to be a fantastic time with loads of watch goodness and mingling with fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy every minute of it!

watchbites commented on Seiko Watchmaking 110th Anniversary Collection ·

I understand the struggle! It's a tough decision, but if you do decide to grab one, I'm sure it will be a great addition to your collection. 👌

watchbites commented on TAG Heuer x Bamford ·

It is indeed! Probably hard to get since it's limited to 100 numbered pieces and available only in Japanese boutiques and on Tag Heuer's Japanese online store.

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Unique and personalized!

The Louis Moinet Jules Verne Tourbillon offers something stupidly cool . If you’re into space rocks and watches, you’re going to soil your weird, geek...

Oris x Collective Horology Must Have a Time Machine

The latest collaborative drop from the two well-known brands represents something that feels like it was lost to the sands of time - the Divers ‘Seven...

Hublot's Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A

For the more futurist fans of Hublot, the latest version of the Big Bang Tourbillon, the SR_A, must be a wet dream. Designed in partnership with Samue...

Zenith's newest release!

Die-hard fans of the NFL and indeed fans of Zenith , will be giddy about the brand’s newest release - the Chronomaster Sport ‘Aaron Rodgers’. Limited...

Rexhep Rexhepi and Louis Vuitton have just done something ridiculous!

Kosovan-born Rexhep Rexhepi is, to anyone who knows their stuff, one of the world’s greatest living watchmakers . You might use the word ‘freak’ and I...

Ming just (probably) released the world’s lightest mechanical watch

There are very few things that watchmakers can do to lighten their timepieces - advances are made in micrograms instead of grams because honestly, we’...