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Burlingame & Park Podcast

Hey y鈥檃ll - First post! This new watch podcast is really finding it鈥檚 stride. Their latest episode about their favorite summer watches in 2023 (Episod...

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commented on Still looking for a dive watch.....

Owned all 3. SJE093 on Artem Sailcloth with deployant.

commented on My non-buyer鈥檚 regret. Do you have one to share?

SLA017. Remorse deleted when the SJE093 came out.

commented on Other accessories?

Le gramme 7g brushed cable or bangle bracelet

commented on Titanium Watch Case

A titanium mesh bracelet with straight end links might also work. I favor those with Omega style deployants.

commented on Black or White? Christopher Ward Sealander GMT 36mm

This is like asking chocolate or vanilla.

There is no wrong answer.

commented on State of the 62mas Collection

You鈥檙e missing one

commented on The Universe is trying to tell me something.

Sick burn 馃敟