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romanschatz ·


I finally purchased a little ultrasonic cleaner. My place is now humming and sparkling.
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Fresh out of the mailbox this morning. A quick strap change and this classic is good to go. If anyone can date this that would be great.
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Seiko SQ

My second Seiko for the collection. It did come with the original bracelet, however that was too small for me. I put it on a mesh strap for a bit of e...
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romanschatz commented on Weekly photo theme #5: Hobbies ·

There’s a watch in there somewhere. 

romanschatz commented on UltraCool ·

Oh trust me, there are a few more lurking around. 

romanschatz commented on UltraCool ·

So far I’ve only put the bracelets into the cleaner and hand cleaned the cases. Removing the movement will be next. 

romanschatz commented on You just have to wear a watch every day. Does that also include a knife in your pocket? ·

Being Swiss, I’m not allowed to ever be without a knife. Then again, why would you. 

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romanschatz ·

Casio King

A favourite Casio, so clean.
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Seiko Sumo, no not that one.

I love watching the January Sumo tournament with my only Seiko in the collection so far.
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