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Zuanshi vintage Chinese watch w/ SM1A handwound movement

I recently purchased this watch from AliExpress based on an online YouTube review by the reviewer "Gedmis Laguna". After changing the stock leather st...

Casio DW-6640 "Remaster Black"

Loving this reissue 40th Anniversary limited edition but still getting used to the longer lug to lug compared to my G-Shock square are Casioak that ar...

Mysterious Code "Furlan Marri" homage review

This is an underrated and pretty unknown watch that was purchased on AliExpress from the Certified Distributor Watch Store after seeing it in a YouTub...

Mysterious Code MS-A-S8

4.8 Avg. Score

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warlock commented on Yonder's WRUW

How loud is the "ticking" on this? I read on several forums that is very LOUD! Any truth to this?

warlock commented on warlock's WRUW

Yep, that is 1 of the 3 reasons why I chose this model. The other 2 is the price I paid and my preference for square G-Shocks (I also own the DW-5600E and DW-5000SL)

warlock commented on hakki501's WRUW

Love the look of the Seiko SNKL41 with it's baby GS looks

warlock commented on bennylee's WRUW

I almost bought this but eventually decided to go with the GS Spring Drive

warlock commented on bennylee's WRUW

Love the dial! I own a King Seiko 56KS with the gold medallion on the case back. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get a service (mineral crystal is chipped) carried out because of the monocoque case design.

warlock commented on What started it for you?

The only Swatch that I previously owned was the Pager Watch in 1994 but the lithium battery only lasted 1 month and had to be repeatedly replaced which was an expensive exercise...

warlock commented on What started it for you?

I have the same but replaced the bracelet with a simple leather strap

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Pagani Design PD-1701 v5 "Mission to Mars"

What do you think of this? I recently bought this model after seeing a couple of YouTube videos reviews. Originally wanted to get the "Mission to Mars...

WOTD - Whats on your Wrist?

Today, I've been wearing my Cronos L6015 homage. I love this watch because of the combination of quality construction and value for money especially w...

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